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Baseball Super Clicker

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Baseball Super Clicker is a utility app designed for baseball coaches, amateur or youth league umpires, and fans for tracking status and statistics generated throughout the course of a baseball game. It's like the little indicator device ("clicker") that umpires use for tracking the state of the game, but with so much more!

Features include:

Game tracking

- The main game tracking screen displays the traditional "line score" for the game, along with a standard scoreboard view, with the current count, scores, and the current inning

- Game statistics can be incremented and decremented, including: balls, strikes, fouls, outs, runs, hits, errors, the the result of each at bat (e.g. hit, strikeout, walk, etc.)

- Selection of the current pitcher and current batter for stat tracking purposes. For example, when a pitcher is selected in the app during a game, and game stats are entered, the app will automatically track things such as balls, strikes, fouls, pitch count, hits allowed, walks allowed, etc. for that player. Same for batters.

- Convenient automatic game state progression. E.g. when you enter a third strike, the app will automatically increment the out, and if it's the third out, the half inning will change, etc.

Team and Player Management

- Create as many custom teams as you want, and add players to those teams

- Creating teams and players allows you to keep track of stats for any or all of the players you would like to track

Location Management and Tracking

- Create locations to track where games are played, mainly for historical/informational purposes.

Data storage & privacy

- All of the information and stats are saved locally onto your device as the stats are entered, so no game state will be lost, even if the app is closed or your phone is restarted.

- All of the data is only stored on your device and not sent nor stored anywhere else.

Other Settings

- App features light & dark themes for use in different levels of daylight

- A setting to keep the device awake while the app is in use

- A few of the more complex screens feature tutorial walkthroughs, which can be re-watched as desired.

No ads!

- Nobody likes ads in their apps. Please consider supporting a developer who values your privacy and your user experience!

Active and responsive maintenance and new development:

- We are excited to see how people use this app, and are receptive to constructive feedback and feature requests.

- We will do our best to deliver the features that users would like to see.

- We appreciate your support!

Play ball!

Kakuro - Classic

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Get ready for an immersive and addictive puzzle-solving experience with "Kakuro - Classic"! Step into a world where numbers and grids collide, challenging your logic and math skills in the most captivating way possible. With hundreds of meticulously crafted Kakuro puzzles of varying difficulties, there's always a new challenge awaiting your strategic thinking.

Take your puzzle-solving prowess to the next level as you decipher the given sum clues and fill the grid with the correct numbers. From novice to expert, "Kakuro - Classic" offers a wide range of difficulty levels to cater to players of all skill levels. Immerse yourself in a world of intriguing puzzles that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, "Kakuro - Classic" provides a seamless gameplay experience on your mobile device. Need a hint? Utilize the built-in hint system to nudge you in the right direction without giving away the solution. Feeling stuck? The auto-check feature helps you identify any incorrect entries and refine your strategy.

Discover the joy of immersive puzzle-solving, the satisfaction of cracking each puzzle, and the thrill of conquering challenges that push the boundaries of your logical thinking. Download "Kakuro - Classic" now and embark on a captivating journey that will leave you craving for more!

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and become a master of Kakuro? It's time to dive into "Kakuro - Classic" and let the addictive puzzles take you on an adventure you won't forget. Get ready to challenge your mind, have fun, and experience the excitement of Kakuro like never before!

US Citizenship Path - USCIS Test

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Are you preparing to take the USCIS Citizenship test? If so, then you need “US Citizenship Path!” This app will help you study for the civics portion of the test, which includes 100 questions about American history and government. The app includes a variety of features to help you learn, including:

The app is easy to use and can be accessed on any device. It's the perfect way to prepare for the USCIS Citizenship test and become a U.S. citizen!

Features compared to the USCIS Official App:

Features compared to other Apps: